About Us

Our mission is to promote and share the art and skills of empathy.

NonViolent Communication

The foundation of our work is the Non-Violent Communication of Marshall Rosenberg.

Our Programs

We provide opportunities for NVC practitioners to gain and enhance their skills in a variety of settings.

We dream of individuals, families and communities throughout the Salish Sea and beyond living wholeheartedly with curiosity, empathy, deeper understanding of each other, self-compassion and fearlessness.

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I had an amazing time at the NVC camp. There's something magical about being in community where being who you are and attending to your own needs is expected. There was a great variety of workshops from beginner to advanced levels of Nonviolent Communication. The combination of the workshops, inclusive community and self-directed downtime made for a great opportunity for personal growth without pressure to go too deep, with plenty of time and space and support for relaxed integration. I look forward to returning and expanding my personal circle of NVC-practicing friends.

- Erin O'Brien, Gabriola

The camp was a container for exploring a smorgasbord of human interactions while the learning was a buffet of well lead, lovingly and easy to follow learning processes. I got more than I imagined and also what I came for. The powerhouse of offerings… Dance, Music, Singing, Humour, Beauty, Empathy, Project Co-ordinating, Leadership, Gentleness, Clarity, Human Overwhelm and then Self Care Boundary Setting… Thank you.

- Summer Camp Participant

NVC has changed the way I look at my students. I try to look beyond their words and actions to see what they are really trying to communicate or what they may be needing at that moment. NVC has enabled me to build stronger relationships with my students where I believe they are feeling more like they are being "heard" and they feel valued. I am learning to talk less and listen more with my students and am finding I am better able to get to the "heart of the matter" with individual students by using this approach.

- Tara-Lyn Hagen

Myriam spoke to what matters to teachers in a way that reached us personally and professionally. A teacher went so far as to say that her skill as a facilitator was exceptional, the best she had ever experienced. Truly fortunate to have connected. Thank you from my heart.
- Andrea Doak, Teacher, Gabriola Elementary School