2019 NVC Summer Camp - Workshop Area

Combine one part meaningful conversations about what matters most in our lives, two parts a spectacular natural setting on the Salish Sea, three parts a community of inspiring change-makers and a sprinkle of highly skilled and creative facilitators … voila! You have an incredible learning opportunity for the whole family this summer.

For three days, immerse yourself in the waters and learning opportunities on Gabriola Island, BC. As a community, we will explore what it means to prioritize authenticity, connection and compassion in our lives. Along with your family, spouse, friends and fellow campers you will learn how to: reach across differences; transform conflict into growth and generate meaningful connections with each other.

Build something meaningful and fun into your summer, in companionship with people who share the desire to live a conscious life and the dream to build a more compassionate world.

At our NVC summer camp, humans of all ages are welcomed and celebrated. You can come exactly as you are with your past or present challenges, and find support to listen to your needs and to the needs of those you care for.

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