Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a consciousness and a set of skills for connecting to ourselves, others, and the world at large with more awareness and care.

Practiced worldwide, NVC helps us discover compassion for others when it seems impossible. It reminds us of our common humanity. It equips us to transform interpersonal conflicts and to challenge inequity. It teaches us to share power in a way that honours all needs.

With NVC we create life-serving relationships with ourselves, our families, our communities, and our society.

The form of NVC is simple, yet its impact is powerfully transformative.

The foundation of our work is the Non-Violent Communication
of Marshall Rosenberg.

Some NVC Resources

Farthest Shore Workshops

Farthest Shore offers workshops, trainings, and experiences that support greater depth and connection in relationships - with yourself, in your family, and where you work.

Puddledancer Press

Puddledancer Press publishes resources related to NVC.

The Center for Nonviolent Communication

CNVC is a global nonprofit organization founded by Marshall Rosenberg and dedicated to sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the world. They offer International Intensive Trainings and certify individuals as trainers.

NVC Academy

"Where NVC Enthusiasts Go to Grow"

BC Network for Compassionate Communication

The BCNCC is a non-profit organization working to help people be empowered wiht compassion and the skills to create it through the promotion of workshops and literature based on NVC.

Road to Compassion

NVC Counselling, Workshops, Author of "Meet Me In Hard to Love Places" & Musician.