NVC Summer Camp 2021

The planning of the 2021 edition of the NVC Summer Camp is in progress!

The following page is describing the 2020 summer camp that unfortunately did not take place because of COVID. You can have a look at this page to see the essence of what the 2021 Summer camp can be like. 

To be informed as soon as the registrations open for 2021, add your name here.

For three days, immerse yourself in the waters and learning opportunities at Descanso Bay. As a community, we will explore what it means to prioritize authenticity, connection and compassion in our lives. Along with your family, spouse, friends and fellow campers you will learn how to: reach across differences; transform conflict into growth and generate meaningful connections with each other.

Build something meaningful and fun into your summer, in companionship with people who share the desire to live a conscious life and the dream to build a more compassionate world.

At our NVC summer camp, humans of all ages are welcomed and celebrated. You can come exactly as you are with your past or present challenges, and find support to listen to your needs and to the needs of those you care for.

What is the magic recipe for this camp?

  • Meaningful conversations about what matters most in our lives: the quality of our relationships with the ones we care about.

  • Inward exploration with people available for one-on-one exploration or support.

  • A community of inspiring leaders and Change Makers who want to make a difference by transforming relationships in their organizations and their communities.

  • Skilled facilitators from Canada, the US and Europe ready to share their passion and wisdom about Non Violent Communication.

  • An inspiring location next to the sea where you can swim, enjoy a sunset to the sound of a guitar, go for a walk.
Clowning around at camp

What's special about this year?

3 fascinating streams of learning

The camp itself will provide the opportunity to explore one of three streams in depth, while children and teens are engaged in fun and connecting experiences that will mark their summer.

  • Parenting: explore with other parents the challenges of parenting and how NVC can support you
  • Relationship with a significant other: pick one person with whom you would like to deepen or change the dynamics. It can be a friend, family member or a partner.
  • Social Change - Power and privilege: this stream is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of power dynamics in our society and how you can be part of the change supported by NVC consciousness

Each stream will include unfolding sessions throughout the camp. You can either stick with one stream or sample workshops from each stream. Each stream will include basic NVC concepts and opportunities to explore relevant NVC principles, somatic processing, creativity (theatre, role play, visual art, etc..) and end with intention setting.

A kids and teens program

We will have awesome fun adventures for toddlers and kids ages 2-5 and 5-12 led by a dynamic and experienced youth program team leaders.

The Teen Adventure program offers flexibility and choice. There are options for outdoor adventures, island exploring and digging into topic that are important to them. As well as the freedom to participate in adult session or just hang out with other teens.

2019 NVC Summer Camp - Teen Participants

Heart to heart connections

Each day will start and end with a quality time in a small "heart to heart" group. It is a chance to share experiences, cross pollinate learning from the different streams and to receive/give empathy.

At all times, you can request empathy from our leadership team for one-on-one empathy support and explorations.

2017 NVC Summer Camp Small Group

A community Hub 

We will have a community 'hub' for all campers to gather for meals, social time and the start-up of the day. Activities and social opportunities will be offered every night for all ages.

Campers are asked to provide for their own meals, but are encouraged to eat together at the Community Hub. On our opening night and our final night together, we will share food together in an all-camp potluck feast.

2019 NVC Summer Camp - Erin O'Brian performs

Volunteering opportunities

Do you love co-creating experiences? Would you would like to participate in the camp and contribute through volunteering? Let us know through this volunteer form. Volunteers will be brought on board for camp set-up and take-down, as well as decorations, site animation, campsite orientation (resolution), Kitchen support and daily site clean-up.

Registration and costs

This year, we have an automated registration system and a sliding scale. To know more about our pricing structure click below.


You can choose to camp or to find an accommodation nearby. For more information about camping and accommodations click below.