NVC Summer Fest 2021 - postponed

NVC Summer camp - postponed to next year

Our team of facilitators have decided to postpone our NVC summer event to next year when gathering and traveling will be easier. We will focus this summer on strengthening the connections in our trainer community.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!

What is the magic recipe for this camp?

    • Meaningful conversations with like hearted community about what matters most in our lives: the quality of our relationships with the ones we care about.


    • Skilled facilitators ready to share their passion and wisdom about Nonviolent Communication.


    • An inspiring location next to the sea where you can swim, relax, enjoy a sunset to the sound of a guitar, go for a walk.


Watch this video made for the summer camp 2020 to get a feel of what we are trying to create.

Clowning around at camp

Families and children are welcome!

We welcome families very warmly. We won’t be able to provide child care or a kids program this year, but encourage parents to support each other to be able to attend sessions.

2019 NVC Summer Camp - Teen Participants

Food and shared space

Participants are asked to provide for their own meals. We will have a picnic on Friday night where we will have small groups of people eating at distance.

We will invite self responsibility and communication to find way to interact that feels good for everyone and follow the provincial guidelines.

2019 NVC Summer Camp - Erin O'Brian performs

Registration and costs


COVID and cancellations

We plan to run this event only if provincial health guidelines allow us to have an outdoor gathering of up to 50 people. We will have a COVID Safety Plan in place as outlined by the BC health guidelines.

Cancellation policy

If we need to cancel because of COVID restrictions, you will receive a full refund. 

If you need to cancel, here is our policy:

24h before the event: no refund

one week to 24h prior : 50% refund 

More than a week prior: full refund