NVC Summer Camp 2021

Camp Leaders

Each year we pull together an international group of a dozen or so session leaders that work together in the days leading up to the camp to create fresh and engaging experiences for our campers. The names of the trainers vary from year to year but include dynamic leaders certified with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and Trainer Candidates from a diversity of approaches, perspectives and backgrounds.

Myriam Verzat – Board Member

Myriam Verzat

Hi! I am passionate about Nonviolent Communication, creativity and nature connection. This camp is simply gathering my three passions! I am really excited about contributing to make this event a place where everyone can feel at home. I will put my creativity and my love for compassion through theatre, dance and music in service of this beautiful gathering. To know more about me, visit www.myriamverzat.com.

Angela Walkley – Board Member

Angela Walkley

Mitch (Miyagawa) and I launched our first summer camp in 2014 out of a desire to bring our passions and our family life together. Our kids are now teenagers and Camp has given us such a fantastic playground to bring NVC trainers together, create community and spend really connecting time with our kids. Summer camp connects me to hope, meaning and purpose and attracts such an amazing group of social change agents every year. What I share at summer camp is based on the deep impact that NVC has made in my relationships, my parenting and the work I do in the world being in relationship with people and our natural world!

Mitch Miyagawa

Mitch Miyagawa

Mitch is a Certified NVC Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. For the past five years, he has led workshops, retreats, and trainings both locally on Gabriola Island and internationally. On Gabriola, he has worked with his partner Angela Walkley on the annual NVC Summer Camp for families, and a year-long train-the-trainer program called KILN. He has worked at GES with Kate Reynolds as both a volunteer and a paid facilitator. Most recently he was the Program Director for the Gabriola Arts Council, where he brought a Compassionate Communication approach to team-building and event organizing.