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Do you love what we are doing? We would love your support!

There are several ways you can support our projects:

 1. Latin American Peace and Conflict Resolution Project.

 2. Contribute to scholarships for Individuals who want to bring NVC into the world but don't have the funds to do it.

 3. Volunteer your NVC skills in schools, prisons and other local community projects.


Accessibility is one of our core values and generosity is a human need. We do everything we can to make our training programs available to those who may not be able to afford the costs and travel. Donations can be used to support scholarships and travel. We accept donations for our Latin American Scholarship fund. To date we have supported participants from Columbia, Nicaragua and Brazil to attend NVC programs in Canada.

If you feel you can give, please fill out the form below.

Support our work

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In order to make a donation we ask that you please make your cheque payable to "Salish Sea Empathy Society" and mail your cheque to:

Salish Sea Empathy Society
220 Sea Meadow Drive, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X2 

All contributions are gratefully appreciated, thank you!

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